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Sharpening Machine SEA-300

The machine utilizes numerically controlled cam mechanism for wet grinding of band saw blade profile

  • Cam mechanism provides quality sharpening of complete band saw blade profile. 
  • Tooth shape cam can be quickly exchanged for grinding diferent tooth profiles as well as blades with variable tooth.
  • Continuous adjustment of drive and grinding wheel speed ensures quality grinding of all tooth profiles regardless of the grinding wheel diameter.
  • Robust design guarantees long life, high precision and low maintenance.
  • User friendly operations make easy every day use.
  • Mechanism is in the back chamber of the machine for best protection. 
Blade width 30 - 300mm
Blade thickness 0,6 - 5 mm
Tooth height 4 - 25 mm
Tooth pich 10 - 90 mm
Tooth angle 10° - 38°
Grinding speed 0-20 zuba/min
Grinding wheel diameter 350 - 280 mm
Grinding wheel thickness 8 - 15 mm
Coolant pump delivery rate 70 l/min
Weight 1100 kg